Friday, March 29, 2013

Some announcements!

(filed by Ng Yi-Sheng)

I’m covering the ASEAN advocacy workshop now, but there’s some breaking news from Sahran, who's just barged in ever so politely to say:

1. Nominations for the ILGA Asia Board are due by 6pm TODAY. If you’re a member, you can nominate whoever you like for the board, which has been due for renewal since 2010.

 2. If you’d like to volunteer your city to host the next ILGA Asia Conference, applications must also be made by 6pm TODAY. So far there’s been Chiang Mai, Surabaya (I think it’s important that they dared to try!), Bangkok… who’s next?

3. Copies of the draft constitution are available at the information desk. It’s being reworked and the Board would like input before they vote. There are only 10 copies, so please replace them after you’ve read them.

 OK that’s all! And did we really forget to wish everyone Happy Easter yesterday?

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