Saturday, March 30, 2013

How to BREAKUP with your partner successfully!

Got your attention didn’t I? Well that’s exactly what happened to me when Jennifer Lu from Taiwan said it out loud!

At a ‘Same Sex Domestic Violence’ workshop this morning, the mood was of a curious one. Us lovely people have, God forbid.. “Domestic violence”, within our wonderful family framework?? Well we do folk! 

Connie Cha
n and Jennifer Lu
Connie Chan from Hong Kong made me giggle like a gay school boy who had just passed the senior class when she used a real life story to break the all important statistics (which I clearly don’t take too well to!). A call of help had been made to the organization where a female had explained (without a name or other details) that she needed help as her EX GIRLFRIEND was coming over with a GUN!!! “Well what do I do?” asked the voice. “How about calling the Police?”.  “The POLICE? She IS a Police woman!!!! AND she knows Chinese Kung-fu!”.  So as the story goes after a few more calls she never called back and Connie keeps looking for media reports which involve a ‘Police woman, a gun and an ex girlfriend!’.

On a more serious note the question of ‘What’s the difference between hetero and gay domestic violence?’. Well the threat of being “outed” by the very person you love(ed), is a serious one! “I will tell your parents or boss that you are gay!” which is sort of linked to being cut off in terms of social support.
Oh I almost forgot the best part! The social workers who have to deal with this come up with a few rib ticklers as well. Try “Well so just come out!” or “If you find yourself a hetero partner maybe you wont find yourself in this situation!”.

So yes, we have to educate the world on these issues and as Jennifer says we call it …. “How to breakup with your partner successfully!” because if you call it “domestic violence”, She may as well have the discussion with her interns because no one will turn up! 

And sadly, we homosexuals are not safe anymore in our pink feathery beds as we have gone beyond the days of the Love Boat where domestic violence is when a man hits a woman! It apparently now involves an angry police woman with a gun AND Chinese kung-fu! 

Stefan Andre Joachim

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