Saturday, March 30, 2013

Safe Sex

Sex is necessity in any romantic relationships. But do you know how to have it safely? I believe most of the LGBTI activist already know and well trained. You don't know? Ok, let's Sonthaya Huayhongthong to teach you how.

How do you think her expression? Is frightened or satisfied? 

Our facilitator, Sonthaya Huayhongthong a lesbian expert show the audience 
how to open a condom so you wont damaged it. about if in urgent?

Every one get one condom and practicing how to open it. 

What? You can blow it like a balloon and give it to your little brother as a toy?

Don't be shy! You can touch it! (Latex vagina). 

Vibrator. It's has multiple function. One of them is you may also use it to massage your neck when you're tired. Just kidding!
Condoms and lubricants; free for everyone that might need it for the closing night. You also can get them at Rainbow Sky counter, at the lobby of The Palazzo Hotel. 

Posted by Ernest J.K. Wen

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