Saturday, March 30, 2013

Interview with a volunteer

(filed by Ng Yi-Sheng)

A conference isn’t just made up of participants: it’s also built on the backs of the hardworking volunteers from the host city. I took a moment to chat with one volunteer, Peeranad Panaddaporn (Bass), originally from Rayong Province. He's the one on the right end of the back row, in the centre of this photo.

YS: What do you do? 

Bass: I’m a tutor in science and mathematics. I’ve volunteered in the organisation Rainbow Sky for 6 years.

YS: Is there anything you’d like to say about your country? 

Bass: I think Thailand is an open country than LGBT than 20 years ago, I think. Because for my generation, everything is okay, but for my parents or grandfather, not okay.

YS: Why did you decide to volunteer? 

Bass: To practice my English and open my knowledge about LGBTs in Asia, the lifestyle and everything, advocacy education. The organizer, Ohm, needed volunteers, mostly those who can contact and speak in English.

YS: How has the conference been for you? 

Bass: I think it has many interesting topics. The volunteers have become good friends. I have knowledge about the gay lifestyle, and know myself more, understand myself more, what I am. And when I understand, and then after that I do not care who cannot accept me.

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