Sunday, March 31, 2013


(filed by Ng Yi-Sheng)

We're all gathered in the Ballroom of the Palazzo Hotel. Sahran and Azusa are in front: they're overseeing the elections because they're board members (of ILGA Asia and ILGA World respectively) who won't be running for re-election.

Sahran's already announced that the constitution and strategic plan has been approved. So we'll be voting on board members and the host city for the next conference. I'll be updating this article as news comes in.

Here are the candidates!

West Asia, female:
[Candidate]  - absent, thus INVALID

South Asia, female:
Yogita Singh (India)

South Asia, non-female:
Stefan Joachim (Sri Lanka)

Southeast Asia, female:
Poedjati Tan aka Poedji (Indonesia)
Sophanut Meas (Cambodia)

Southeast Asia, non-female:
Srun Sron (Cambodia) – absent, but we’re trying to find him! Okay, he's found and accepted.
King Oey (Indonesia)

East Asia, female:
Dandan Zhang, aka Dana (China)

East Asia, non-female:
Ashley Wu (Taiwan)
Otgonbaatar T. aka Otto (Mongolia)
Xiaogang Wei (China)

Agniva Lahiri (India)
Joane Leng (Hong Kong)
Gina Zhao (China)
Kaona Saowakun, aka Toto (Thailand)

Host Cities:
Taipei, Taiwan
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Now everyone's giving their two-minute plugs. Ooh, now 10 minutes for voting. And now 15 minutes break while votes are counted.

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