Saturday, March 30, 2013

Intersex and Transmen Life Story

Hiker Chiu from OII Organization Taiwan share his touching life story.
(I have asked Hiker, how would you like me to refer you, is she or is he? And Hiker said, is up to me. S0 I will use both genders term).
I will posting the full story as told later on. 
Ratchanichon Chailangka from Thailand, presenting Asian Transmen Issues. He share his life story and some issues in the Asian countries. 

Kai from Thailand. One of the workshop participant and invited by
Ratchanichon Chailangka to share his story.  Same as Hiker, he didn't aware at the early stage of his life, that he was intersex or in term of Thai, a clean man.
It's not easy to be LGBTI in Asian country. In Indonesia that I know for sure, coming out as lesbian, gay, bisexual, Trans could lead one into complicated situation. Limiting opportunities and labeled as sinners were among the problem. Family member might be angry and cease the person away. Even reported to the authority like a criminal. Just recently, a mother, from a middle class family in East Jakarta area killed her own son just because she think her baby boy's penis was abnormal (too small). Tragic! 
Kai said that is important to spread out the information. Exactly. If people (especially parents)  understand about intersex and know how to handle it, the above tragic event could be avoided. 
"When you do your job, you use your brain, why is gender matter?" Chan, from Thailand share his experience being turned down for a job interview just because he stated as male while his official documents stated another way. 
Toto also share his issue as a transman in Thailand. He always wear trousers and turned down to sit on an college/university exam because on his document stated female the institution expected he to wear skirt. 
During the discussion, two participants from Singapore have expressed their disagreement. According to these two participants, not all the Asian country discriminated transmen. Singapore is one of the country that allow by law for anyone to change his or her gender or sexuality. From man to woman or vice verse, and government of Singapore will issued the proper papers. 
Ok, so that good news for our transgender, transexual friends if as these participants stated, "in the future all countries in the region should follow Singapore policy." How about gay and lesbian movement? Are these sexuality group also enjoyed equality treatment from the government of Singapore? I asked. 
These two participants in union have assured me, yes! Singapore is the most tolerant government in the region. There is no discriminations and all NGOs are supported by government. 
That's really something new to me. But anyway, I'm not Singaporean citizen so I would invite our Singaporean LGBTIQ friends to clarify this discussion. 

Posted by: Ernest J.K. Wen


  1. Singapore really isn't the most tolerant government in the region for gay, lesbian and bisexual people. Even if the 377A anti-gay sex law isn't often enforced, our media is forced to censor any positive and neutral depictions of same-sex couples.

    Singapore believed that offering gender reassignment surgery would be a good way to encourage trans people to fit into the straight mainstream community. This works very well for some trans people. However, if people find out you're trans, they often do discriminate against you. It's noted that it's very hard for many trans people to find work if their trans status is known.