Sunday, March 31, 2013

Results!!!... and surprises.

(filed by Ng Yi-Sheng)

Results are in! This is your new ILGA Board!!!

But wait! There's been new developments! One former board member pointed out that the board officially should include 8 members, and we've only elected 7! And although the initial proposal was to elect another of the transgender candidates to the board, it was noticed that the West Asian candidate had finally wandered in!

(Way too many exclamation marks. I'll try to cut down.)

So after a stump speech from [Candidate] (which was actually very incoherent, since she was so surprised at the events), we held voting for her, and we have an OFFICIAL new board.

From left to right: Poedjiati Tan aka Poedji (Indonesia, SEA female)
, King Oey (Indonesia, SEA non-female), [Candidate] (W. Asia female), Kaona Saowakun aka Toto (Thailand, Trans), Dandan Zhang aka Dana (China, E. Asia female)

, Stefan Joachim (Sri Lanka, S. Asia non-female), Otgonbaatar T. aka Otto (Mongolia, E. Asia non-female), Yoghita Singh (India, S. Asia female).

But that's not all. We held elections for the female and non-female representatives for the ILGA World board. Dandan, Yoghita and Poedji stood for the female position; King and Toto stood for the non-female position.

And the results: our female representative for the ILGA World Board is Dana (China), with Poedji (Indonesia) as the reserve.

Our male representative is Toto (Thailand), with King (Indonesia) as the reserve. 

This may be the first time a transman is on the ILGA World board. A groundbreaking election indeed!

UPDATE: The name and nationality of the West Asian female representative have been removed for security reasons.

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